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A black female in her late twenties to early thirties with an athletic build. Memori is about 5' 6" with shoulder length curly hair with a very cute face. Her style is Bohemian but sexy with a hip hop flare. A native of Chicago, she is well educated with a bachelor degree in political science and MA in Film and Television. She is the proud single mother of a ten year old son and he means the world to her. Malik has autism and, though a challenge for Memori, she tackled it head on and dealt with it early in Malik's life. Memoriís dream is to one day become an actress and has been working on that goal since the tender age of 15. She enjoys dogs, working out, surfing the web, movies, bowling, going to the shooting range, music and night life in Hollywood if she can network.

Every road is sometimes filled with obstacles and defeat, but those are just the Steppingstones to enable you to go a little further.

Stay Patient, your way may be hard, but don't give up or let go, hold on, and travel that road to success..

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