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At TMC productions our team of dedicated communication professionals has a wide range of experience and can handle any type of film, video or multimedia project from initial creative brief through finished deliverable.

what do we mean by "corporate storytelling?"
todayís audience is surrounded by media. they are better informed, more savvy, and more critical of the messages they receive. in order to catch their attention, you must engage your audience with compelling stories: stories that captivate their minds, touch their hearts and fire their imagination. when an audience is engaged, they retain your message and take action. when your audience acts on your message, thatís when you realize measurable success.

by clearly defining your audience and objective, the team at groovy like a movie can help you develop your story. alternatively, we will work with your in-house or external agency to fulfill your vision.

  • TV Commercial
    Need to get your product out there? Create a commercial with Tmc productions like a movie
  • Live Events
    Capture the power, drama, and emotion of any live event.
  • Entertainment
    Let us put your artistic vision into motion.
Corporate Video
Corporate video covers a wide range of projects. From training videos to a message from the president, a corporate video can fill a variety of needs and positively contribute to your bottom line.

With a small initial investment of your capital and time, groovy like a movie will deliver a product that perfecty and consistently conveys your key values, mission, and goals.

The powerful medium of video allows you to concentrate on running your business, confident in the fact that your message is being communicated with 100% accuracy, higher retention rates, and to an audience as broad as your imagination. From the boardroom to the living room to the world wide web to the presentation screen, your message will be clear.

Whether you need a sales tool, corporate communications, effective training, or an employee morale video, TMC will work with you to develop your ideas and translate that vision to the screen.

TV Commercial
While many media pundits are predicting the death of traditional "spot" advertising, the end has not yet arrived for this powerful medium. TMC is experienced in creating compelling advertisements that get results. Whether youíre looking for attention grabbing flash, or soft and romantic passion, our award winning team has you covered.

We can act as a one-stop-shop, starting with a basic concept and following your spot all the way through delivery to your media outlet, or we will partner with your advertising agency to implement their carefully crafted vision.

Cutting edge or traditional, commercials produced by TMC will convey your message clearly, match your current branding, and exceed your expectations.

Wedding Documentaries
Your wedding ceremony is a powerful symbol of your love and devotion. It is the exclamation point on a passionate story; the story of your relationship. Your wedding film should be a work of art that you will share and treasure for the rest of your life.

A wedding documentary from the award winning team at TMC will capture all of the beauty and magic of your wedding day, but we go much deeper than that. We interview your family and friends, visit your favorite "couples spots," follow you as you get your dress fitting, and much more.

When we are done, you receive an elegant, feature-length documentary that tells the story of your two lives becomng one.

Sports and Live Events
Emotion. Drama. Competition. Intensity. Dissappointment. Elation. The entire gamut of human emotion can be seen in sporting events. And all these emotions happen faster than the speed of life, with no chance for "do-overs" or retakes.

In a live event of any kind, it is vital that your production company gets it right the first time. TMC has experience capturing live events from the Casting Chair in Los Angeles all the to the Miami Even with thousands of eyes on our work, we donít blink.

From short films to television programs, TMC will work with your script and budget to create a compelling and entertaining piece that grabs your audience.

With experience producing pilots, TMC can partner with you to produce an entertaining sales tool to help you get the sponsorships needed to put your show on-air.

Once your have your funding in place, TMCis your one-stop production shop. We can handle casting, pre-production, production and post for your entire project. We know how to deal with the stress of a regularly scheduled program.